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Dry Yongchak

Stink Beans / Petai (Dry Yongchak) Seeds

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Stink bean, also known as the smelly bean, stinky beans, Bitter Bean, Petai beans or twisted cluster bean is widely consumed in southern southeast Asia. It has a high concentration of amino acids.

Stink beans are also a powerhouse of healthy nutrients. They have been proven to aid in everything from lowering blood pressure to relieving stress and warding off heartburn.

The young beans can be eaten raw, roasted, or fried, but often end up peeled and pickled as the sweet and sour topper. The more mature beans get paired with other strong flavors such as shrimp paste, chilis, garlic, and curry paste.

This bean is also known as Bitter beans, Parkia speciose, Petai, longchak, yongchak, sah-taw, etc.

Petai beans are rich in fiber, iron, potassium, and tryptophan — an amino acid that may help boost mood and sleep — said the NUS authors. Other purported health benefits include lowering blood pressure and blood sugar and alleviating constipation.