Moirang Phee : The Traditional Outfit of Manipur

Clothing is something that differs from region to region. A glance at particular clothing makes you learn something about the way people of that time thought and felt. A unique clothing style is something that every culture has. It is that style that reveals much about people's beliefs.
  • One such cloth is the Moirang Phee. This particular style was first developed in the Moirang village of Bishnupur district. The style of this cloth is that which has been in tradition since an era.
  • The name of this particular cloth also carries significant meaning and belief. It is believed that the Moirang Phee was first made by the local people as a token of tribute to the then royal family of Manipur.
  • The design that is weaved over the Moirang Phee fabric is called as "Moirang Phee Jin". This particular design is actually believed to represent the sharp pointed teeth of the mythological God named Pakhongba.
  • The highlight of this spectacular design is the way in which it is woven. It is woven in a sequential manner on both the longitudinal edges of the cloth and oriented towards the center. This particular style gives an aesthetic appearance to the fabric.

Yellow Moirang Phee with Black temple border

Yellow Moirang Phee with Black border

  • Just like the design and style of the cloth, the process of making it is also unique. The fabrics used in the cloth is actually made from cotton and mulberry fibers. Initially, the local fiber is spun into threads and then dyed using plants and barks. The dyed yarn is then rice starched. No doubt, the making of this Moirang Phee involves a rigid and time taking process.
  • The Moirang Phee can be referred to as a customer since it is witnessed to be a long-accepted tradition. The design of this cloth is so attractive and unique that it captures one's sight at the very first glance. It also resembles itself as a luxurious outfit worth to wear.

The Moirang Phee has an elegance within itself. Historically, it is associated with various faiths and beliefs. There always remains an aura of religion. Each design is highlighted and connected to some of the other events that happened in the past. The Moirang Phee is also often worn as a half saree. The significant feature of the Moirang Phee is the triangular form along the border. The state of Manipur is well recognized for its unique design of the Moirang Phee. Since the Moirang Phee is handwoven, it is easily adaptable to any piece of design. It is such an attractive piece of dress which leaves everyone spellbound with its crafty designs


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