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Girls Manipuri dress

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Little girls in Manipur wear beautiful traditional outfits that reflect the state's rich culture. Manipuri girls wear adorable versions of the traditional Phanek, a wraparound skirt. These kid-sized Phaneks come in cheerful colors and playful prints, unlike the simpler designs for adults. The fabric is light and airy which is very much comfortable for a kid to wear.

These outfits are perfect for special occasions or cultural event.

It is paired with one manipuri wrapper(skirt) , top(blouse) and a white churni.


Top- Red,yellow and green,  Mayek Naibi- Pink with beautiful Zari Attached on the bottom and Churni- White. Headgear is also included in the set.

Product- 1 Blouse, 1 Mayek Naibi, 1churni and kids Kajenglei.


Age- 6- 12 months..


Occasion-  Puja or Rice Ceremony.